Turfing and Artificial Lawns in and around Cheshire

Preparation is key when it comes to laying a lawn. We pride ourselves in good preparation using traditional methods. Once the weeds are cleared, we rotivate the area, make level and rake.

There are many different grades and qualities of turf so you will need to consider firstly what kind of budget you have and secondly what the garden will be used for. For example, there is no point spending out for high grade turf when you may have children and animals running all over it. You will need something more durable and resistant. You may even consider artificial grass.


Artificial grass can be laid on almost any sub base, even concrete, providing that it is flat and allows water to drain away.

It requires very little maintenance - just occasionally sweeping with a nylon broom to keep the fibres straight, and to remove any small pieces of debris.

Modern materials and manufacturing techniques have eliminated the problems which gave artificial grass a bad name when it was first introduced. The grass that we offer provides a soft, safe and easily maintained surface which looks just as good as real grass.

Here are some of the key advantages which artificial grass offers over the real thing:


  • Looks great all year round

  • Low maintenance - no more mowing, edging, weeding etc.

  • No muddy patches - ideal for areas of heavy usage

  • Pet friendly - easy to keep hygienically clean

  • Good for the environment - no watering or chemicals required

  • Beneficial for hayfever sufferers

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